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Ten Forward's AI Art Policy

Ten Forward is a no AI art zone. AI art is defined as any art which is the output of neural networks (example - Stable Diffusion).

Both remote and local users whose majority of posts are dissemination of AI art may have their account silenced/limited on Ten Forward. In such cases, the user's intention and attitude is also taken into account and Ten Forward's moderator(s) will have flexibility in what action is taken if any. For example, a user sharing such art and claiming authorship or ownership over it will be limited while a user sharing such a post for the purposes of discussion of the technology won't have any moderation action applied to them.

Any remote instances whose majority reason for existence is the dissemination of AI art will have their instance silenced/limited or suspended/blocked at the discretion of Ten Forward's moderator(s).

For a informational post on why this policy is a thing, see's posts here and here.

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