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Ten Forward's Federation Policy

Federation with the Ten Forward fediverse instance is a privilege not a right. As such Ten Forward's moderator(s) reserve the right to cut off federation with any other fediverse instance at any time for any reason.

Instance wide moderation actions such as a silence/limit, suspend, and media block fall under this policy.

Timed Defederations

For fediverse instances that have a significant amount of connections (followers/followed) with Ten Forward, a intention to defederate post will be posted from all administrator channels (admin account post and instance announcements). In such cases, a minimum of a week's notice will be provided before the suspension is applied.


Ten Forward's moderator(s) will disclose instance wide moderation actions to all local users within a reasonable time frame from when the action was applied. Such disclosures will be made via the instance announcement feature.

For instance suspensions/defederations, a public post will also be posted from the admin account.

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