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Ten Forward's NFT Art Policy

Ten Forward is a no NFT (Non Fungible Token) art zone. NFT art is defined as any art generated as part of a NFT offering.

Ten Forward users are not allowed to share such art in their posts as media attachments. Ten Forward users are also not allowed to promote any such art via their Ten Forward account.

Ten Forward users who are found to be sharing such art will be warned that such conduct violates this policy. If after the warning, the user continues to violate this policy, said user will be suspended and their user account data will be deleted in 30 days automatically.

This policy will also be applied to remote users and fediverse instances. Any remote users who are found to be posting NFT art will have their account silenced/limited on Ten Forward. Any remote instances whose majority reason for existence is the dissemination of NFT art will have their instance silenced/limited or suspended/blocked at the discretion of Ten Forward's moderator(s).

For a detailed breakdown on what NFT art is and why it is banned, see Folding Idea's excellent video on the topic here.

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